WELCOME TO Marhab Farms

The Best from Farm to Fork

For more that 50 years, we have aspired to provide the highest quality natural meat to our clients, employing a very keen loving breeding environment to our animals, assuring 100% natural livestock feed implanted in our farms and natural forages obtained from ultimately verified sources.

Live Animals

We provide variety of healthy top quality live animals, including cows, buffaloes, lamps, and goats.

Whole slaughtered animals

We provide slaughtered animals, which are in full compliance with all health and safety requirements, and slaughtered in governmental slaughter houses

Fresh cuts of meats

Such as - steaks, roasts, ground meat and stew meat,eaither beef, lamp, goats

ABOUT Marhab Farms

What We Offer?

Our farm is not just a place where cows are raised – it’s a place where life thrives, where the air is fresh, and where the harmony between man, animal, and nature is palpable.

Nice to Meat You

Marhab Farms aims to establish a collaborative partnership with international Partner in KSA to open a new potential market, to support liaison with Saudi local distributors, retailers, restaurants, etc.

Our Vision

We are Customer, Producer and Stakeholder Focused. We aim to be a hub of the Middle East and Africa meat industry, cultivating relationships to provide excellent meat products to our families and yours, upholding the highest standards of health and service.

Our Mission

"To provide our customers with high-quality Egyptian meat products while building a sustainable business to support the regional food industry"

Our Values

We Act with Honesty and Fairness in Everything We Do, Our Customers, meat Producers, Suppliers and Employees will be treated with fairness and respect.


Marhab Farms Target & Plan

Participate in local events: The farm participates in local food festivals, farmers’ markets, and other events to showcase our products and connect with potential customers.

Our plan for the upcoming 5 years, targets to achieve the following: 1- Expand production capacity: through expanding our facilities and increasing the size of our herds
2- Diversify product offerings: adding new products to our product line; such as new animal breeds, processed meat, poultry meat, rabbit meat, .

3- Improve animal welfare, through investing in better housing, feeding, and handling facilities, and by implementing more humane slaughter methods.
4- Increase sustainability: to reduce our farms environmental footprint by implementing practices such as composting, using renewable energy sources, and reducing water usage.

5- Develop new markets: through exporting to other countries (KSA, Gulf Countries, and Middle East, and through targeting specific customer segments such as restaurants and specialty food stores.
6 - Build brand recognition: investing in marketing to build a strong reputation for high-quality, ethically-raised meats.
7- Foster community engagement: by hosting events, and providing educational opportunities

We Are Committed To Provide The Best

“We are passionate about providing our customers with the best meat possible. and we believe that quality starts with the animal. That’s why we are committed to raising our livestock with care, using only the highest quality feed, and providing them with ample space to graze and roam. The result is meat that is not only delicious but also ethically and sustainably-raised.”

“At our farm, we believe that the best meat comes from happy and healthy animals. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that our livestock are treated with the utmost care and respect, resulting in meat that is not only delicious but also nutritious and responsibly-raised.”

“That’s why we take great care in every step of the process, from raising our animals with care to using the best processing techniques to deliver meat that is tender, flavorful, and of the highest quality.“

“For us, providing the best meat is not just a goal, it’s a way of life. We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and the best practices to produce meat that is not only delicious but also healthy and responsibly-raised.”


About Our Process

1- Animal breeding and procurement – Animals are bred to have specific traits desired for meat production. We procure young animals from farmers and breeders to raise carefully on our farms.

2- Animal housing and feeding – The animals are housed in large confined barns. They are fed a controlled diet to help them gain weight efficiently and reach slaughter weight as quickly as possible. Feed includes grains and additives, all from natural sources.

3- Animal health management – The animals require routine health checks, vaccinations, and treatment of any illnesses.

4- Slaughter preparation – Once the animals reach slaughter weight, they are prepared for transport to slaughterhouses.

5- Transport to slaughter – The live animals are loaded onto trucks and transported to slaughterhouses, often over long distances.

6- Slaughter – The animals are slaughtered in full compliance with government regulations and in compliance with Islamic Rules. They are then hung upside down, throats cut, and bled out before further processing.

7- Butchering and meat processing – Carcasses are split, trimmed, cut and ground or formed into cuts for wholesale and retail sale. Meat is often treated with preservatives, gasses and additives.

8-Waste management – Blood, inedible parts, and animal mortalities generate waste disposed through renderers, landfills and waste treatment facilities.

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